PS2AI - Convert PostScript files to AI format

Jan 18, 2009: Instructions have been tested against Ghostscript Version 8.63.

To edit a PostScript file, first convert the PostScript file to AI format. The AI file can then be opened in Mayura Draw.

Directions for converting PostScript files to AI format using Ghostscript under Windows NT are given below.

Install Ghostscript

You must first install Ghostscript and GSview. Ghostscript is a PostScript interpreter and GSview is a PostScript previewer front-end for Ghostscript.

Ghostscript and GSview are available at

Download PS2AI.BAT

Click the right mouse button on this link and choose "Save Link As" (or "Save Target As") command. Save the file as PS2AI.BAT.

How to run PS2AI

  1. Open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Run PS2AI.BAT with the name of the PostScript file to convert and the name of the AI file to be created on the command line. Example:
       ps2ai c:\temp\ c:\temp\
  3. Use GSview to verify that the file was converted correctly. If GSview is able to open the AI file then the conversion went OK.
  4. You may now edit the AI file using Mayura Draw.

Please note: Mayura Software does not provide any technical support for ps2ai